Junior Delgado

Обложка альбома Junior DelgadoOscar Hibbert (25 August 1958 - 11 April 2005), better known as Junior Delgado, was a reggae singer, famed for his roots style. Children: Janae Hibbert (Others) Originally from Kingston, Jamaica, he recorded with the group Time Unlimited in the early 1970s before Lee Perry produced his solo recordings. He recorded social comment song "Tition" in 1975 with singer Dennis Brown. Delgado's debut solo album Taste of the Young Heart was released in 1978 and showcased his "raw moan" vocal style. He set up his own label Incredible Jux and was a regular visitor to Britain. In 1985 he attracted controversy by releasing "Broadwater Farm", which predicted violence on the north London housing estate. When a riot broke out shortly afterwards, culminating in the murder of PC Keith Blakelock, the record was banned. Junior continued to release records such as Dance a Dub and various compilations on his own label before a chance meeting with a young music entrepreneur, Jason Knight, who had grown up listening to his records meant a different path for him musically. He recognised Junior's distinct raw style as one of the great voices of reggae and encouraged him to share it with a new generation.
  • Трек: Sons of Slaves
  • Исполнитель (артист): Junior Delgado
  • Длительность 6:39
  • Формат: mp3
  • Битрейт: 320kbps

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Видео клип "Junior Delgado - Sons of Slaves"

  • 6:39
    Junior DelgadoSons of Slaves (12" Version)
  • 4:05
    Junior DelgadoFort Augustus
  • 3:43
    Junior DelgadoRasta People
  • 4:03
    Junior DelgadoBoss Man
  • 6:39
    Junior DelgadoSons Of Slaves
  • 4:16
    Junior DelgadoRagga Muffin Year
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  • 7:43
    Freq NastyMad Situation (feat. Junior Delgado) [Rob Mello Mix]
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    Junior DelgadoLove Tickles Like Magic
  • 6:38
    Freq NastyMad Situation (feat. Junior Delgado)
  • 4:03
    Junior DelgadoRun Come
  • 3:41
    Junior DelgadoLiberation
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    Junior DelgadoHanging Tree
  • 2:45
    Junior DelgadoLove Tickles Like Magic
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    Junior DelgadoNo Warrior
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    Junior DelgadoIt Takes Two to Tango
  • 4:13
    Junior DelgadoAway With You Fussing and Fighting
  • 7:43
    Freq NastyMad Situation (feat. Junior Delgado) [Rob Mello Mix]
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    Junior DelgadoAre You Waiting (feat. Dawn Penn)
  • 3:30
    Junior DelgadoIllegal Gun
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    Junior DelgadoTonight
  • 6:38
    Junior DelgadoSons of Slaves [vk.com/widetide]
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    Junior Delgado Really For A Reason
  • 3:09
    Junior DelgadoAway With the Fussing & Fighting
  • 3:44
    Junior DelgadoIf Yu Would Stay
  • 5:31
    Junior DelgadoHypocrites (Naked Funk Remix)
  • 4:40
    Sofa SurfersSee the Light (feat. Junior Delgado)
  • 3:14
    Junior DelgadoTrickster
  • 6:39
    Junior DelgadoSons of slaves
  • 3:33
    Junior DelgadoTichan
  • 3:19
    Junior Delgado08 - Storm Is Coming
  • 4:53
    Junior DelgadoRow Fisherman Row
  • 3:23
    B1 - Junior DelgadoFreedom Fighter
  • 5:41
    Junior DelgadoMy Heart Desire (Extended)
  • 3:43
    Junior DelgadoAin't going to be sunshine
  • 6:41
    Junior DelgadoDance A Dub
  • 4:03
    Junior DelgadoMister Dub
  • 2:55
    junior delgadotrickster
  • 3:03
    Junior Delgado07 - Love Won't Come Easy
  • 4:25
    Junior Delgado10 Devil's Throne
  • 3:13
    Junior DelgadoHot Stepping
  • 3:29
    Junior DelgadoBreaking Up
  • 4:40
    Sofa SurfersSee the Light (feat. Junior Delgado)
  • 3:36
    Junior Delgado Every Natty (High Jon The Conqueror Dub)
  • 0:15
    Junior DelgadoCrack A Dub
  • 3:58
    Junior DelgadoRun Come
  • 3:45
    Junior DelgadoNo Warrior
  • 3:29
    Junior DelgadoSons of Slaves
  • 4:08
    Junior DelgadoHooligan Stew